Christy Hamer

When Christy joined SL in 2008 she was immediately attracted by the beautiful designs, and she decided to learn  the refined art to create  clothes  joined a special school.
In few months she was noticed  and she start to  being active in some  big fashion events as ."Futuroma" - Futurist night in Second Life ( Jan 2009) and  SolidArt - Together for Abruzzo - a special Event  to support the victims of the italian earthquake  in Abruzzo. 
Co-owner of “Divine Couture" Christy  decided to  give life to  “Glamour Style” when her business partner had to leave SL. in that moment she  was ready to fully own the role of designer with the complete freedom to express her own artistic flair.
If you joined "Glamour style group" today you will have 40% discount on every new release!
 If you look for something  original, innovative and very trendy, you are in the right place, get ready to discover "Glamour Style" by Christy Hamer!!!


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